Do you provide career counselling?
No we are not career counsellors, at-least not in the traditional sense. We provide information which might help you make informed career decisions yourself.
Do you have aptitude tests to show me my career match?

No, we do not provide aptitude tests.

Most engineering fields require similar basic aptitudes, and we believe if you are really interested in a career you will take the required efforts. But if a career doesn't interest you, just being good at it might not give you career satisfaction.
What if I like more than one engineering field?
You can consider the options of double majors, minors or electives if your college permits.
Will I be working on similar assignments in my engineering job as shown in career tours?
We have designed the career tours on the lines of real industry work for you to get a basic overview of the career when you start your career journey. But the content is simplified for high-school students to be able to understand, so actual work in a career will be much more complex than that portrayed in career tours.