Our Story

‘ Take up computer engineering, it has high paying jobs! Select mechanical engineering, it will always be in demand! ’

This is some of the advice I got when I had to choose my engineering field, and so did many of my friends. Then we started our engineering journey and to our disappointment we realised the fields we chose were not exactly how we imagined they would be, after all we had taken them without much thought or research of our own.

Though wading through tons of information scattered on the internet or finding industry professionals to help you understand a field is not easy.

I wished I could have tested out a path quickly before taking it up! We can test drive cars, try out clothes before buying, then why cannot there be something similar for careers, considering it is such an important decision with long- lasting effect?

Apirho was formed to help solve such problems. In 2017, we launched our engineering career tours involving assignments made by simplifying industry work, for high school students to quickly get a basic overview of the career. We want to make career exploration an engaging experience and thereby create a community of well informed students.

– Saaili (Co-founder, Apirho)